Soak in Ojo Santa Fe’s Spring-Fed

Healing Waters

At Ojo Santa Fe, soaking is an art which enables a natural exchange of energy between us and the water, one that deeply connects us with nature. The ritual of immersing yourself in hot, spring-fed pools can be a profoundly cathartic experience as you allow the pure water to melt away worries and tension.

At Ojo, we seek not only to be good stewards of these ancient healing waters, but curators of unexpectedly transformative experiences. There’s a reason seekers and travelers have long been drawn to these springs, which bestow lush, verdant life to the desert landscape. You may come for a simple soak, but you may discover a renewed energy that stays with you long after you depart.

Thermal Pools

Immerse and Heal

Surrounded by Ojo hammocks, lounge chairs and a welcoming fire pit, our thermal pools are constantly flowing with triple-filtered spring water from Ojo’s own natural aquifer. Our thermal soaking pools—including a brand-new pool by Sages—are gently heated to varying temperatures so you can soak where your body feels best. Try a short, hot soak or linger longer in a cooler pool. Our shared soaking areas are a great place to softly chat, or meet other travelers on their own journeys.

Saltwater Swimming Pool

Lap and Lounge

Our seasonal saltwater swimming pool is the largest in Santa Fe, and offers a chance to lap a heated, outdoor junior Olympic-size pool beside grand cottonwood trees. In lieu of relying on harsh chemicals, we leverage the natural purifying power of saline, which is super gentle even on sensitive eyes and skin. The pool is surrounded by swaying hammocks and rentable private cabanas—the ideal place to lounge with a book and a playlist, or just birdsongs, on a perfect summer day.

Private Soaking

Soak in Seclusion

Soak in seclusion and fresh, high desert air in an outdoor Ojitos pool or private soaking tub. Our Ojitos soaking pools have space for up to four guests, and feature their own outdoor shower and a Kiva fireplaces stocked with piñon logs. Our one-person private tubs are ideal for soaking in solitude, though some couples enjoy sharing a cozy tub. Whether you choose an Ojitos pool or a tub, you’ll enjoy your own private, open-air soaking chamber featuring wood-slat privacy paneling that you can open for your people-watching pleasure, or close for utter seclusion. To top off your experience, order a beverage from our restaurant while you soak—just give us a call and we’ll bring it right over. All private soaking guests have access to a handful of exclusive steam showers.

Ojo Santa Fe Float Tank

Total Sensory Deprivation

For serious stress relief, escape from everything in Ojo Santa Fe’s float tank. In this sound- and light-proof chamber, you’ll find the ultimate adventure in solitude: total sensory deprivation. The float tank is filled with pure and ultra-saturated salt water, enabling you to float effortlessly in a warm, shallow pool. As you lose track of space and time in your 50-minute session, you may notice a profound sense of calm and a release of anxiety—it’s entirely unlike anything you’ve experienced.