New Mexico Hot Springs

Legendary Healing Waters

For centuries, travelers and seekers have journeyed to Ojo’s New Mexico resorts and spas for renewal and rejuvenation amidst our natural high desert hot springs. 

Hot Springs Pools With Water Coming From Large Pottery And Woman Floating On Her Back In The Center

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs

Deep Traditions

Ojo Caliente’s tradition runs as deep as our mineral hot springs. We became the country’s first health resort when we opened the doors of our bathhouse in 1868, and since then, people have traveled from near and far to absorb the mental and physical health benefits of soaking in pools rich in healing minerals, built out of the landscape. Each of our hot spring pools is naturally sulfur-free and rich in four elements: iron, arsenic, soda, and lithia.  

Pardon Our Dust

Please excuse our construction noise while we make improvements near the pool areas. Construction will take place from 9am – 4pm, Monday – Friday. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Hot Spring Pools

Soda Pool

Soda is believed to aid in digestion.  It is the only inclosed pool and is deep and steamy.  The Soda Pool is a silent pool so please respect the quiet. 


Lithia Pool

At the spacious Lithia Pool, you can sink into calming hot waters under the stars and in close proximity to our brand-new bathhouse with sauna and steam rooms. This pool is named for the depression-relieving mineral you’ll find in Ojo’s waters, and we invite you to seek calm here on your quest for inner peace. 

Iron Pool

Your body needs iron to create blood and carry oxygen throughout your body, and it’s believed that soaking in iron-rich springs can also aid your immune system.  The Iron pool has a pebble floor where the natural spring bubbles up between your toes.  

Arsenic Pool

Don’t let the name scare you—like the rest of our soaking pools, the Arsenic Pool is also mineral rich with iron, soda, and lithia. Soaking in arsenic-rich waters is believed to relieve stomach ulcers, arthritic pain, and heal skin conditions.  

Mud Pool

At the Mud Pool, you can slather your skin in a special clay blend that purifies your pores as you dry in the sun. After you rinse off at our outdoor shower or take a dunk in the mud pool, you’ll immediately notice softer skin. Kindly note, the Mud Pool is seasonal and closes daily at sunset. During colder months, and cool cloudy days the mud pool may be closed. 

Upper & Lower Cliffside Pools

The Upper and Lower Cliffside Pools are dramatically tucked into the cliffside at the edge of the resort, offering a serene place to soak. In winter months, when the sun sets long before the pools close for the evening, you can enjoy fantastic stargazing from the comfort of these waters. 

Large Pool

The Large Pool is our coolest pool and works great as a cold plunge in the summer months.  It also offers a spacious area to quietly soak with friends and lounge in the sun on poolside chairs.

Day Soaking

Immerse and Heal with All-Day Access

Ojo Caliente’s communal pools are what started it all, and they’re at the heart of everything we do. In a calm, quiet and mindfully social area, you can bask in the health benefits of soaking in harmony with nature and other like-hearted travelers. Each of our natural hot spring pools has a unique design and a different view of our gorgeous natural surroundings and lovingly landscaped grounds, and we encourage you to try each one. The temperatures of each pool range between 80 and 105 degrees so you can have a different experience in every pool even as you enjoy the benefits of the same enriching minerals.  Please be mindful that the springs area is a whisper zone.

Private Soaking

Soak in Solitude with a Private Pool Session

Our private pools offer enriching experiences for couples, small groups of friends or solo soakers seeking a private moment. Each clothing-optional pool is tucked away in a tranquil cliffside corner of the resort, so you can soak in true privacy. All of our private pools are rich in lithia, iron, arsenic, and soda, and offer an elevated opportunity to see a different side of Ojo.

Romantic Getaways in New Mexico - Dos Ojos Soaking Package

Private Soaking + All-Day Access for Two

Enjoy a double dose of soothing self-care with this day spa in New Mexico. Includes access to our communal soaking pools, a 50-min private soaking session, and robe rentals for two; at one all-inclusive price.

Only $175

Package Includes:

  • 50-minute private soaking session for two
  • Two Day Passes to access our communal soaking pools and steam room from 10am – 10pm on day of reservation
  • Ojo Signature Robe rentals for two