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Spa services and pricing are subject to change and exclusive of tax. Gratuities are not included in pricing but are always appreciated. We recommend booking spa treatments as early as possible as appointments fill quickly.  To schedule, please call 1.877.977.8212. Age requirement for all spa services is 18+.


Let Ojo take you on a soothing journey toward a more whole self and open-hearted you. Our therapies incorporate the expertise of a tenured massage therapist using local botanicals and products that harness the powerful healing properties of plants and minerals. Indulge in a deeply restorative treatment and arise rejuvenated and utterly relaxed. 

Man laying on a massage table with a massage therapist rubbing in purple salt treatment on his back
Heavenly Hand & Foot Treatment

Treat hard-working hands and achy feet to this deeply relaxing treatment, which combines therapeutic massage with an exfoliating and quenching skin treatment—entirely focused on these too-often-taken-for-granted body parts. Your therapist will use natural, local skincare products from Round Barn Apothecary and Ojo’s botanical hydrotherapy to get your hands and feet incredibly soft, moisturized, and totally relieved so you can arise renewed!
50 minutes, $125

Blue Corn, Prickly Pear & Sea Salt Scrub with Hair Therapy

A restorative blend of purifying blue corn, nourishing prickly pear and circulation-boosting ancient sea salt is employed to gently whisk away dry, dull skin. Your LMT will apply hot herbal towels and gently exfoliate the body, revealing softer, smoother textured and skin that is both restored and radiant. This treatment is topped off with a scalp massage and hot oil hair treatment featuring hydrating coconut and cooling eucalyptus.
50 minutes, $125

Cactus Flower Massage & Scrub

This purifying treatment combines healing massage and a gently exfoliating scrub with zesty cactus flower aromatherapy. You’ll start off with a 50-minute Therapeutic Massage, then receive a full-body scrub with Round Barn Apothecary’s natural cactus flower scrub—a local, organic product featuring Southwest plants. This cooling treatment softens skin, and can reduce muscle spasms and even stimulate antioxidant activity. Then, hot, steamy towels infused with a purifying botanical blend are used to cleanse away the cooling cactus scrub.
80 minutes, $175

Lavender Quench Hydrating Body Wrap

Featuring lavender essential oils sourced from the Southwest, this new relaxation-inducing treatment combines the benefits of exfoliation, hydrotherapy, and massage—along with a soothing and beautifying hair treatment. Your treatment begins with an exfoliating dry brush—known to remove toxins and support the lymphatic system—followed by a Therapeutic Massage with calming lavender-infused massage oil. Then, your therapist will tuck you into a warm, soothing cocoon-like body wrap to lock in hydration while your scalp is treated to a massage using even more soothing lavender essential oils.
80 minutes, $175

Ojo Rejuvenator

This renewing treatment combines a 50-minute Therapeutic Massage with a 25-minute Blue Corn, Prickly Pear & Sea Salt Scrub that, together, will inspire utter relaxation. Your LMT will employ a variety of techniques with light to medium pressure to create a personalized massage. For your skin and lymphatic system, we follow up with a 25-minute Blue Corn, Prickly Pear & Sea Salt Scrub that will leave you feeling vibrant and renewed and your skin, ultra-soft.
75 minutes, $180

Legends of Ojo

Discover a deep sense of rest and relaxation with Legends of Ojo: a 50-minute Therapeutic Massage followed by a 25-minute Reflexology Foot Therapy. Using light to medium pressure, your massage therapist will personalize a massage for your needs using a number of techniques. Then, we’ll finish with a Reflexology Foot Therapy to balance energy and revitalize mind and body.
75 minutes, $180

Ojo Dreaming

This ultimate Ojo experience offers stress reduction and rejuvenation. Your personalized treatment begins with an 80-minute Therapeutic Massage, which features hot herbal towels to melt away tension. Your massage therapist will then massage your scalp using a hair-strengthening and -repairing blend of coconut and argon oil infused with invigorating peppermint and eucalyptus. To balance energy and revitalize mind and body, we complete your treatment with Reflexology Foot Therapy.
130 minutes, $290

Sound Healing

Tuning fork therapy uses vibrating tuning forks on acupuncture points and over the chakras. It works on the same premise as acupuncture to unblock stuck or stagnant energy to improve energy flow throughout the body. Tuning forks are used to stimulate the relaxation response. The theory is that these sound waves help to normalize imbalances and synchronize the chakra’s frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance. This vibroacoustic therapy uses low frequency weighted tuning forks to increase cellular movement and to “retune” the body. We also use unweighted tuning forks that are relaxing and enjoyable to listen to as they retune the chakras.

50 minutes, $120

Available spa services and pricing are subject to change and exclusive of tax. Gratuities are not included in pricing, but are always appreciated.


Ojo Caliente’s intuitive therapists utilize the best techniques from East and West to soothe away troubles and reset the body. Every massage features our signature hydrotherapy: towels soaked in hot spring water infused with wild-harvested potentilla, piñon, artemisia, yerba mansa leaf and other local botanicals.

Woman with black stones and blanket on her back on a massage table
Therapeutic Massage

Release tension with a custom, stress-melting massage that can improve your mind-body connection. Our expert massage therapists use a variety of techniques customized for your own needs, incorporating light to medium pressure to create a personalized massage that will leave you feeling centered and refreshed.
50 minutes, $125
80 minutes, $175

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is similar to a Therapeutic Massage but with slower, firmer strokes. Firm, targeted pressure can manipulate muscles and structures deeper in your body and help to release chronic patterns of stress and tension.
50 minutes, $160
80 minutes, $180

CBD Massage

Processed for purity in an independent medical lab, the CBD products we use—Satva Botanicals—are from Taos, NM and are packed with healing properties that can reduce inflammation and pain in joints. This full-body massage is an ideal option for anyone with fibromyalgia, arthritis, or chronic pain, or anyone who has overworked muscles. Light to medium pressure combined with soothing CBD oils can release tension and provide longer-lasting relief in sore muscles.
50 minutes, $140
80 minutes, $185

Rio Grande Hot Stone Massage

Soothe your muscles and balance your energy with this massage featuring heated, oiled basalt stones harvested from the Rio Grande. Your therapist carefully places large, smooth stones along key points on your body to ground, calm, and relax your mind and nervous system. Harmonizing massage strokes by hand and with the hot stones help balance energy and relieve tension.
50 minutes, $140
80 minutes, $185

Kokopelli Massage for Moms-To-Be

Named for the fertility deity “Kokopelli,” this prenatal massage can help reduce fatigue and benefit the circulatory and lymphatic systems of both mother and baby*. This treatment is a relaxing, nurturing and gentle massage focusing on the special needs of moms-to-be, relieving pressure and stress on  joints and releasing tension and pain in the neck and back. This comfortable and supportive side-lying massage can also be perfect for those who cannot comfortably lay on the stomach or back.
50 minutes, $135
80 minutes, $180

*Please advise your therapist of any medical conditions you may have with your pregnancy.

Available spa services and pricing are subject to change and exclusive of tax. Gratuities are not included in pricing, but are always appreciated


Add any of our 25-minute enhancements on to your massage or treatment to customize your spa service.

Foot being massaged by hands with fireplace in the background
Hot Oil Hair Therapy

Rejuvenate and your locks with this protective hair therapy combining nourishing coconut and cooling eucalyptus. Designed to strengthen the hair shaft and work to repair damage caused by styling and heat, this unique complex is applied to your hair from roots to tips. Next, your massage therapist will give you an invigorating scalp massage. Then your massage therapist will wrap your head and hair in warm, botanical-soaked towels.
25 minutes, $65

Blue Corn, Prickly Pear & Salt Scrub

Whisk away dry, dull skin with our mixture of impurity-ridding blue corn, nourishing prickly pear and circulation- and metabolism-boosting ancient sea salt. This aromatherapeutic treatment is combined with botanical-infused hot towels to open the pores and relax body and mind. This add-on is perfect for anyone looking to restore softer, smoother, and more radiant skin.
25 minutes, $65

Healing Hands Therapy

This ultra-hydrating hand treatment sooths and relieves tired, achy hands. Your hands will receive cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and a luxuriously soothing massage. We use our favorite locally sourced, organic skincare products from Round Barn Apothecary, incorporating our signature hot herbal towels that will leave your hands incredibly soft, smooth, replenished and protected.
25 minutes, $65

Restorative Foot Therapy

Energize your lymphatic system with a detoxifying, foot-softening treatment. The treatment begins with a purifying, exfoliating scrub. Your therapist will apply jojoba oil to your toenail cuticles and massage your feet with hydrating cream, leaving your feet incredibly happy, moist and protected.
25 minutes, $65

Reflexology Foot Therapy

Reflexology, an ancient practice that stimulates and balances your entire system through precise pressure on specific points of the feet, has long been used to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and help eliminate toxins. This modality has been shown to stimulate the body’s organs and aid in pain reduction. This treatment is not offered for pregnant women.
25 minutes, $65

Sound Healing

In this mini version of our Sound Healing Therapy, your massage therapist gently places vibrating tuning forks over the chakras and on acupuncture points. Sound Healing uses the same premise as acupuncture and works to unblock stagnant energy and enhance the body’s energy flow. The theory is that these perfectly tuned sound waves help to normalize imbalances, relax the body and synchronize the chakra’s frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance. This vibroacoustic therapy uses low frequency weighted tuning forks to increase cellular movement and to “retune” the body. We also use beautiful-sounding, unweighted tuning forks to retune the chakras.
25 minutes, $65

Available spa services and pricing are subject to change and exclusive of tax. Gratuities are not included in pricing, but are always appreciated


The present moment is the only one you have, so make the most of it. At Ojo Caliente’s award-winning spa, our team of highly trained therapists will guide you through healing, reflection and relaxation, offering you a restorative experience you won’t soon forget. Our services are a conscious blend of ancient therapies from the East and West, crafted into modern treatments using only the finest skincare products, infused with local herbs and natural ingredients.

Ojo Caliente is NM Safe Certified by the State of New Mexico. Masks are not required, but optional, in the spa or during treatments.


woman wearing signature Ojo bathrobe walking by spa

Good To Know


Whether you’re looking to book a massage and soak or an entire spa week, please call 877-977-8212 to discuss which spa treatments are best suited to your needs. Age requirement for all spa treatments is 18+

Checking in for Your Appointment

Please check in at the Main Lobby 15 minutes before your spa treatment.

What to Bring

We provide towels and lockers during your spa treatment. Your suite is stocked with two signature Ojo robes. We suggest bringing a water bottle and sandals to your spa appointment.

Your Wellbeing & Health

Your health and wellbeing are our top priorities. If you have any health concerns or conditions, or need to request special accommodations, please mention it to the reservationist whom you speak with when booking your treatments. Doing so helps ensure that the treatments you book are appropriate for any concerns you may have. Some of the things we encourage you to share at the time of booking your spa experience include high blood pressure, heart issues, pregnancy, allergies, disability, illness or other physical ailments. When you’re here, your massage therapist or healer will go over your conditions with you before you begin your treatment. 

Note that our spa is situated at high altitude, and as such, we recommend guests stay extra hydrated and get plenty rest during your visit. 

Ojo Caliente is NM Safe Certified by the State of New Mexico. In our spas, we require our staff, licensed massage therapists, and guests to wear a mask inside the spa and during treatments. Likewise, to protect our guests, staff, and community, we have a COVID-19 screening protocol in place.


Please call our spa at 877-977-8212 at least 24 hours before your treatment if you’d like to cancel or reschedule. Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time will be charged in full to the credit card used at the time of reservation.

Spa Gratuities

Gratuity is not included in the listed price of treatments. If you prefer to tip with cash, please let your massage therapist know. 

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